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Taurus is a materialistic sign, not interested in abstract ideas much. Taurus people need comfort, pleasure, touch and stability. The Sun in Taurus forces one to define him or her towards something concrete. These people need roots in material world.

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They need a base and stability. Financial sources are very important to them. Once a Taurus founds a field of interest he or she could make living, they would hardly ever change it. The Moon is something quite different. While the Sun is related to what we do, the Moon affects what we feel. The Moon represents the way one perceives the world through emotions. It affects our impressions and reactions to different situations and people in life. The Moon supports our imaginative self. This Luminary is closely associated with compassion, empathy, the ability to transform and adapt.

Taurus Rising: Personality Traits of Taurus Ascendant

Unlike the foxed Sun, the Moon is mutable. The Moon inspires change, especially affecting emotional changes. When in bad aspects, it could make you moody, restless, insecure and irritable. The Moon in Capricorn is a tricky one, because the sign of Capricorn is already known as one of the least emotional signs of the Zodiac. This means the Moon feels as an outsider in Capricorn, to illustrate the situation.

People with the Moon in Capricorn are often reserved, locked inside their solid stone tower, not letting anyone in before they negotiate. They are strong-willed, determined and often extremely stubborn. One has to try hard and to be patient if wants to approach to a Moon Capricorn.

Your Ascendant is Taurus - Stars Like You

Most of the time, Moon Capricorns feel good about themselves. Being calculated, tactful and strict, Moon Capricorns keep common sense in critical situation and act cool-headed. They are determined to reach their goals and putting their emotions aside could be an advantage. However, in relations with people they might face problems. They cannot channel their emotional energy well. Moon Capricorns often leave a different impression of that they intended. People find them distant and cold, even if they are deeply interested in someone. They perform amazingly well in formal relations and connections, but they could be insecure on a purely emotional level.

Informal talk often makes them nervous. With earthly, stable Taurus, they are oriented towards material stability, but also stability in all areas of life. With fierce and calculated Capricorn, they have strong will and determination to achieve their goals.

Finally, please bear in mind that human relationships are complex and, while it may be interesting and entertaining to explore astrological dimensions, they provide, at best, only a partial perspective. They should not be taken too seriously.

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Also, don't be surprised if they appear wide of the mark. If they seem inaccurate, they probably are. In these circumstances, it is much better to trust your own judgements about people and relationships. Psychic Science. Astrology About Astrology. About Our Psychic Tests.

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Taurus Male Compatibility

About Astrological Compatibility. Use this tool to calculate the natal charts Enter birth data and click Astrology Report. Compatibility Calculator. Person A.

Sun in Taurus

Average Compatibility All Selected. Social Compatibility Ascendant. Temperament Compatibility Sun.

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Emotional Compatibility Moon. Intellectual Compatibility Mercury. In order to identify the astrological compatibility match, professional astrologer will analyze the positions of both Sun and Moon signs. Are the signs harmonious or the misunderstanding is possible? What house each sign possess? These are important moments which show what interests partners the most and whether their interests match.

It also shows the distribution of emotional and individual energies and how they cooperate with each other. Venus and Mars are planets with contrastive energies: Venus is soft and romantic and Mars is passionate and tempered. Both of these planets are essential to pay attention to in chart compatibility. Here, the astrologer will look at the angles and positions between the planets and through the charts. For this type of relationships some sort of tension is possible and even needed for sexual appeal. The skill of astrologer in this case is very important, because from the first sight harmonious relationships may turn out to be simply boring, and spicy relationships may be way better for such people.


Taurus as ascendant-compatibility with other signs

In order to find out the compatibility match, every planet should be taken into account, because in this case everything matters. For example we look to Uranus to find out how the partners can surprise each other, to Jupiter to find out positive features, to Saturn for reliability, to Mercury for sociability of the partners etc. One of the main tasks of any astrological compatibility is to identify how partners complement each other, and maybe one partner has something the other one really needs.