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Before astrology can be condemned, its validity or otherwise should be empirically tested. Bhujle should realise that a false concept will never become right just because the majority of people believe it or because it is believed from ancient times, or because there are eminent scientists among the believers.

Sri Lanka arrest astrologer who predicted president’s death

Hence, astrological calculations were and are made on wrong data. Of the nine planets navagraha of astrologers only five are real planets. Of the remaining four, one is a star and another a satellite. The remaining two do not exist at all! How can conclusions derived from wrong data be true?

Astrological charts are prepared according to the relative visual positions of the so-called planets in the twelve zodiacal constellations at the time of the birth of a person. As the solar planets and the zodiacal stars are millions of miles away from the earth their visual positions at any moment are only virtual and not real. In preparing the chart for a person astrologers make use of the wrong virtual positions of the planets.

If they have the knowledge and ability to calculate and find the real positions of the planets through astronomical calculations, perhaps astrologers themselves will lose faith in their cult! Blind belief in astrology on the ground that Newton and Carl Jung believed it is as absurd as drinking urine as a curative medicine on the ground that Morarji Desai does so! Bhujle says that it is the responsibility of scientists to prove their negative statements concerning astrology.

It was exactly for this purpose that I included astrology and palmistry among the 23 items of my fifteen-year-old permanent challenge, and offered an award of one lakh Sri Lanka rupees to those who could make 95 per cent or more correct predictions in a test to be conducted by me. Can Mr. Bhujle persuade a single astrologer or palmist to face my test?

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I have conducted this test on many occasions, and found that astrologers and palmists cannot make better predictions than laymen who can only guess! The latest empirical test on astrology and palmistry I conducted was on February 12, On reading a news item in the Ceylon Sunday Observer that a Sri Lankan, who has a flourishing business in London as a fortune-teller, succeeded in finding oil in Ghana by looking at the palm-print of the President of Ghana, I wondered whether the Government of Sri Lanka could make use of this man, while he was on a holiday here, to locate oil in Sri Lanka by looking at the palm of President Mr.

Provoked by this fictitious and fantastic claim I challenged through the same paper this palmist-cum-astrologer Mr. Cyrus Abeyakoon and all other astrologers and palmists in Sri Lanka to face a test I proposed to conduct at Thurstan College Hall on February 12, To Make it attractive for them I offered to pay my usual award of one lakh rupees to those who get 95 per cent or more correct answers.

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Some of those who advertise regularly about their ability to make correct predictions from dates of births or palm-prints also were invited by letters to take part in the test. Four fortuneteller responded and informed me that they would be coming to take part in the test. A fifth person telephoned me and said that he would like to demonstrate publicly his power of healing through prayers to Jesus Christ.

Since faith-healing was one of the 23 items of my permanent challenge, he too was asked to come. Thurstan College hall with fully packed was spectators on February 12, long before the scheduled time. Sharp at 5 p.

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Thereafter astrologers and palmists were asked to come on to the stage and take their seats. Only one palmist and the faith-healer came up although there were several fortune-tellers in the hall! I am sure readers will be intelligent enough to understand why those fellows who earn rupees five and ten from the public by telling their fortunes rejected my offer of one lakh! But then, the astronomers grew over-confident and started predicting other things.

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That turned them into astrologers until the Renaissance. Much of the responsibility lies with the idiotic print and electronic media, who daily promote this nonsense ,either to increase readership or out of sheer ignorance. Nowadays journalists are mostly Arts types with absolutely no understanding of the sciences.

Just look at the Ulama to understand the situation, as to what what happened to Islamic Science 1, years ago. They all are depending on the Infidel inventions and developments. NV, Let us not forget the apparently rational Ranil and the visibly superstitious MR, who both think Indian gods are better than local ones. The pseudo-sciences like astrology will continue to thrive as long as the people are not courageuos enough to take their destiny on to their own hands. In order to convince a believing follower of the validity of astrology, all you need is a vaguely constructed reading or a prediction among a list of ten that they may interpret as being accurately told.

Whenever such readings are subjected to any rational or scientific scrutiny, these are badly exposed for what they really are. He was arrested by police according to medi.

No, I was not aware. Unfortunately the Sangha is not centrally organised and controlled like the Churches, so there is nobody to discipline him. I have always thought that there will be no solution to these problems until monks are registered in some way. The court of public opinion is not strong enough to run the bugger out of town. If you observe the Sangha carefully the members of the governing body is least interested in an orderly behaviour of its members. Instead they are only interested in what benefit them and how they can wield power over elected governments. Native, I think you are stretching it a bit from governing body to State to sovereignty.

Paul — I have had no problem with majority of the monks whom I have met in my lifetime. In fact they do not mix their vocation with cheap politics of the politicians. They shun publicity and provide lot of service to the people. It is not severance of the placenta but severance of the umbilical cord.

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Anyway, that is a minor point. The major point is this: I know a couple whose marriage was arranged by the elders. They checked with several astrologers to find out if the horoscopes matched. So the marriage took place amidst a large gathering and that happened more than 20 years ago. They have three offspring. I met the husband recently and he told me that despite what the astrologers had stated, he and his wife were really an incompatible pair in almost all respects.

He gave just three examples — He was an atheist but his wife was extremely pious; he hated travelling but his wife loved to go on trips regularly; he was very fond of sex but his wife was not at all interested in sex! So much so for astrology and matching horoscopes! Suggest that a sinhala version be published for the benefit of the majority. Article is timely and educational. Sooner we get rid of the thinking that our destiny is governed by planetary movements is better.

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This is big business and gullibility of masses is exploited to make money. Astrology is not an established science this is a commercialized pack of fiction to earn money from gullible s. Good astrologers reads the body-language of the client and uses commonsense to provide nothing more than Agnes Aunty advice. MR was itching to test his own popularity following the constitution change organised by his sycophants. MR consulted SA about holding an election. The body-language expert SA knew what the answer should be. The confident MR signed the decree for an election two years early at the auspicious time chosen by SA pm on 20 November The day of election chosen by SA was 08 January Most Sri Lankans follow astrology to identify auspicious times for occasions such as marriage, building houses and signing important documents.

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